Kitty Holsters Availability Update Thru Cats The Boss

Kitty Holster Cat Harness Update on Availability through Cats The Boss

As of December 4, 2013, Cats The Boss is no longer a dealer for Crazy K Farm , the maker of the famous Kitty Holster®  cat harness.

Jessie in Kitty Holster

To be clear – we LOVE the Kitty Holsters!!

But… the steps required to process an order on my end are simply too time-consuming and frustrating  (several emails [the order to Crazy K Farm, two separate emails to the customer]), completing forms, dealing with Paypal 2-3 times for one order, changes to original orders, delays in shipments, etc.). Crazy K Farm does not have an affiliate program, for those wondering, and so it’s not as if the customer clicks a link on my cat site and is sent to the Crazy K Farm website to place their order. The ordering is NOT “automated.” The customer goes through me. I take care of placing the order for them, which includes all the chores mentioned above in parentheses.  What if I want to go on vacation (ha! but you never know!), and someone places an order through me for a Kitty Holster? If I’m not at my handy-dandy computer to check on any possible emails (from Paypal) alerting me to the fact an order was placed, then the customer’s order just sits and sits and sits until I can finally get back to processing their order with Crazy K Farm.

And so, after close to two years, Cats The Boss bids a fond farewell to Crazy K Farm.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the awesome Kitty Holsters, please visit Crazy K Farm website!!! Here’s the direct link to the Kitty Holsters

Jessie Cat and I take walks during nice weather and she does superb wearing her tiger stripe harness! We really do enjoy the product 🙂

Kitty Holster Cat Harness Red Bandana