Litter Box Problems

How To Solve Cat Litter Box Problems

Litter box and cat


>If your cat urinates in tiny puddles here and there all over the house, take kitty to the veterinarian. She may have a urinary tract problem. 

>If your cat is using another area of your house to go potty, make absolutely sure you are keeping her litter box clean. EVERY DAY scoop out waste. If possible, twice a day. Once a week, scrub out the litter box and start fresh. Cats do NOT like using dirty litter boxes. If you cannot keep up cleaning out waste daily, get TWO litter boxes for the cat to use. 

>If your cat is using a closet or a back room in your house to go potty, she may be telling you she wants more privacy when it’s time for her to “go”! Kitchens are usually too high-traffic for a litter box. And don’t place her food and water bowls next to the litter box. It may seem weird, but if you can, just go ahead and place the litter box in that closet or back room. After all, that’s where she’s been going and better for her to use the box than the floor! If that’s not acceptable, try using a covered litter box for more privacy perhaps in a corner or somewhere that isn’t high traffic. 

>If your young kitten sleeps with you but by morning wets the end of the bed, there are a couple of things to consider. First, don’t scream at or spank her. Many baby kittens do not have complete bladder control yet to make it through the entire night. If she wets at the far end of the bed, she is at least trying to not potty where she sleeps. She may even want to get to her litter box, but just can’t quite make it there in time. If you want to keep her in bed with you, instead of confining her to a room equipped with a litter box for the night, then it is your duty to set the alarm clock mid-way through the night. Get up and take her to the litter box. Encourage her to go potty, praise her massively, and then the two of you go back to bed (be sure to reset your alarm clock!). Each night or each week, extend the time you wake up during the night by about 15 minutes and soon she’ll have enough control of her bladder to make it until the morning – or she learns to jump off the bed and seeks out the box by herself. Also, remove her water and food bowls during the evening so when she goes to bed, it’s on an empty stomach/bladder. 

>A few other reasons your cat might NOT be using the litter box: First, as already mentioned, the litter box may be dirty. But have you changed brands of litter? Is it possible the box is too small? Have you added another cat to the household? 

>If your cat is using your potted plants to go potty in, try this trick to change her habits. Provide a super clean litter box filled with natural litter (not litter loaded up with additives that are more made for human’s noses). Place it next to the cat’s favored plant. Place foil over the dirt area of the potted plant. Cats don’t like foil. When your cat uses the litter box, praise her and perhaps give her a treat. Give her loads of attention. Let the litter box stay next to the plant for a few days, leave the foil covering the dirt, and gradually start moving the litter box to the preferred location. 


Do all you can with the suggestions above. Don’t punish Kitty or scream at her for the litter box problems. Try to think like a cat…seriously! That’s what Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell, does. He also uses his line of holistic remedies – Spirit Essences.