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Top 11 Most Popular Cat Breeds:

Domestic Cat


Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

#1 Most Popular Breed is the Domestic Cat – ancestors were around long before most of today’s recognized cat breeds. Known as “moggies,” “mixed breed,” and “alley cats.”

 Jessie Cat says: I am a mixed breed. Seems like most cats are. But some of the other purebreds sure do stand out in a crowd!

Gina says: I agree. Most of these breeds I’ve only seen in pictures. Very unique and beautiful. But so is Jessie!! (she’s rubbing vigorously against my legs)


Persian Cat


Photo Credit: © Laura Gaffney

2. Persian Cats – have long-flowing coat, sweet face and disposition. Needs a calm home, but provides pleasure to the owners.


Maine Coone Cat


© Ellen Lengel

3. The Maine Coon cat is happy with children, dogs, or older people. Nickname, “The Gentle Giant.”


Exotic Cat


Photo Credit: © Vanessa van Zyl

4. Exotic Cats have the look and sweet personality of the Persian, but have been bred with a short plush coat.




Siamese Cat



Photo Credit: © Greg & Linda Lopez

5. Siamese Cats remain popular for a pedigreed cat.


Abyssinian Cat



Photo Credit: © Eileen and Karel Pittaway

6. Abyssinian Cats are active cats. Many enjoy water. Provide plenty of interactive play.


Ragdoll Cat


Photo Credit: © Liz Knapp

7. Ragdoll Cats are named as such because they relax when held. They adore their humans and want to be near them all the time.


Birman Cat



Photo Credit: © Sharon

8. Birman Cats have a great personality and adjust well to many lifestyles; active but will entertain themselves quietly.


American Shorthair



Photo Credit: © Michelle T. Bernard

9. American Shorthair was originally called the “Domestic Shorthair.” Low maintenance. Strong, healthy cats.


oriental cat



Photo Credit: © Chromatics

10. Oriental Cat was created from the Siamese cats to add solid colors and patterns different than the traditional pointed pattern.




Photo Credit: © Bemisu Sphynx

11. Sphynx Cat has an almost hairless body, big ears and pixie look. Good companions, smart and friendly.