Help fund food and care for rescued animals…I did!

First, I have no affiliation with the following site. I don’t get paid anything for posting this info… If you happen to need a pair of shoes, shirts, shorts, jewelry, watches, mugs, pet clothing, bags, and so much more, go check out this site. A portion of your purchase goes to feed and care for rescued animals. I think it’s awesome! It even shows like how many cans of food your purchase will pay for. I bought a pair of walking shoes for my treadmill. They are adorable with purple coloring and paw prints splattered all over them!! And they are as comfy as marshmallows! I also bought a shirt that says I Love My Rescued Cat. Many times you can get free or discounted shipping and other specials are offered. And there’s a section for clearance items, too! Here are pictures of the exact items I bought:

There is so much to shop for that I want to go bonkers buying stuff! Anyway, go check it out. If you’re in need of any of offered products, why not buy from them?! I did!