Worms In Cats – New Page Added

Just an update to alert you a new page has been added to Cats The Boss. It's titled "Worms In Cats - Internal Parasites".  Sounds yummy, doesn't it?!  Be sure to check it out - you might learn something if you're a little rusty on internal parasites. We cover: what kind of worms cats can … Continue reading Worms In Cats – New Page Added

Cat Dental Care-Clean Those Fangs

New PAGE created at Cats The Boss - Dental Care for Cat Including How-to Brush Teeth  Follow the link to read on the site OR...I have included it below for you: Dental Care for Cat Including How-To Brush Teeth John Morton / Foter Sniff. Sniff...does your cat's breath stink? If it smells like something crawled in her mouth … Continue reading Cat Dental Care-Clean Those Fangs

Say No to Fat Cats

No More Fat Cats, Please Take a look at your cat. Be honest. Is she/he overweight? Maybe even slip the word obese into that thought? We wouldn't be surprised at all if you admitted that your cat looks a wee bit on the chunky side. According to reports, overweight and obese cats outnumber cats of … Continue reading Say No to Fat Cats