Cat Play


Cats are known to become overly active and destructive when bored. Daily play sessions and relaxing massages help your cat calm down. Cats that feel neglected will often stop using their litter box.

Play with Cat
Four Doxn / / CC BY-NC-ND

If you schedule regular sessions to give your cat undivided attention and to play games with her, even litter box problems can disappear almost overnight. Recommendation: Two, 15 minute play sessions daily, especially during the evening so you wear her out before going to bed!

Use a variety of Cat Toys. Some toys she can play with by herself, others – YOU will want to interact with her. Da-Bird, or a similar toy with feathers attached to a string on a wand, should get your cat chasing it like crazy. Or a simple piece of string or yarn should get her attention, just DON’T let it lie around as she might get the unwise idea to chew on the string and swallow it (that could be very bad and might involve a trip to the vet).

cat toy
Darwin Bell / CC BY-NC

Other toy ideas: balls (large enough she can’t swallow), wadded up paper or foil, paper bags, boxes to climb in, laser toys (just don’t shine it in her eyes & do use other toys so she can actually “catch” those items. A beam of light she cannot “catch”),  stuffed toys to flip around and bunny-kick her hind feet on, crinkle toys which make sounds.

There are cat toys which are like board games where she can spin items or bop things back and forth. Don’t forget to provide a scratching post of some sort. It may not be an actual toy, but cats need to stretch their muscles and work their feet/claws on the scratching post or pad.JessieOnTower5-11-12

If you can spend some cash, cat towers or playhouses are wonderful. They allow the cat to jump and climb up high (or higher than the floor) and peer at everything, giving her a huge sense of confidence looking over her surroundings. The playhouses also provide “secret” hiding places for the cat to run inside and enjoy some peace or perhaps to be sneaky and dart out to play.

Play hide and seek with your cat. Just don’t terrify her by jumping out of a room and screaming “Boo!” But spying around the edge of a door or getting on your knees and sneaking a peek around the corner should bring out some play instincts in your kitty. Playfully call out, “Wheeeeeeere’s Jessie?” (insert your cat’s name there)

Take your cat for a walk outside, or at least sit outside, by using a cat harness. Jessie Cat has two different harnesses and adapted to them quickly – like in two sessions. We walk around and she sniffs bushes and the buildings…sometimes she just stares off across the yard with a look of pure happiness on her face.

Is your cat acting up? Do you have a bad kitty? Is she biting? Spraying the furniture or walls? Go to The “How-To” Page!