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8 Ways Cats Can Improve Your Health and Wellness


1. Cats are always there for you. It’s called unconditional love. When a bond forms between you and your cat, the cat looks forward to being near you. And you look forward to cuddling with your cat. Your mental health benefits greatly by experiencing less stress and more joy. A calmness fills your mind and body. A cat’s purr vibrations are in the 20 to 140 Hz range, and they can have therapeutic effects.

2. Cats may reduce blood pressure. Again, the calming effect of petting your cat and feeling/hearing the purring sounds lowers your blood pressure.

3. Cats may be able to boost your fitness level… not as much as walking a dog, but if you actively play with your cat, it is definitely considered a light form of exercise. Try dragging a string around and have the cat chase it/you. Buy or make a wand play toy with a string attached to one end and feathers or a small, soft toy attached to the end of the string. Wave it through the air, drag it down the hallway, move around as the cat chases the toy/feathers. Have you tried a harness and leash and taken your cat for a walk outside? It takes a little time to get the cat accustomed to being on a harness and leash… and going on an actual walk… but that’s upping your fitness if you do manage to teach your cat to walk on a leash!

4. Cats can improve relationships, both with your family, friends and strangers. People who have pets tend to be more outgoing and empathetic to other people’s needs. Cats are a subject of conversation and can create new friendships among fellow pet owners. Having enjoyable friendships and caring relationships are good for your mental health and physical health.

5. Cats may reduce your risk for heart disease… and that’s simply because if they lower your stress, reduce your blood pressure, increase your fitness level – which these also tend to lower cholesterol – then this all adds up to less chance for heart disease.

6. Cats can help prevent allergies from occurring in children, especially when they are exposed to cats and dogs at a very early age, like less than six months old. When kids are around allergens and dander from animals, it appears that their immune systems are stronger and they are less likely to develop allergic diseases, eczema, asthma, and fewer upper respiratory infections.

7. Cats can reduce depression. By having a cat to take care of, your focus is re-directed towards the pet instead of dwelling on your own negative, sad feelings. Petting and snuggling with your cat gives a sense of belonging, of being needed, higher self-esteem and brings about a calming mental state, lessening any depression you’re experiencing.

8. Cats may be able to reduce chronic pain. Studies have found that the harmonic frequency of purring promotes healing. Vibrations between 50-150 Hz (cat’s purr) have been found to relieve suffering in 82% of persons suffering from acute and chronic pain (Lundeberg, 1983). Vibrations between 20-140 Hz are therapeutic for bone growth, swelling reduction, wound healing, muscle growth and repair/tendon repair, and the mobility of joints.

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