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Cat-Proofing Your Home

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>Cats can choke on little items found on the floor, such as: buttons, rubber bands, string, coins, tacks, yarn, tinsel, etc. Crawl around on your floors to look for any hazards.

>Put away or lock down valuable and breakable items. Cats are curious, don’t forget.

>Cats are able to jump on shelves and with one wrong move or swipe of their paw, can clear off that shelf, sending everything crashing to the floor. Kitchen counters and tables are another huge playing platform that entices cats to jump up on and snoop around.

>Cats can climb, scratch and claw your furniture and curtains. Ideas: cover furniture (a blanket will do) and curtains can be tied up. Special products that keep cats away can be sprayed on items you want protected and that are off-limits. Have scratching posts available.

>Plants poisonous to cats – this is a huge list.  CLICK HERE.Cat and Plants

>Hanging blinds and the cords.

>Electrical and phone cords – Use cord management systems, tape cords together or spray cords with a product to keep cats away. Some cats won’t cause any problems.

>Pest Poisons – Be careful having ant or roach traps setting around.

>Items in a Garage – Try to keep cat out of garage. Many poisonous materials are found there. Anti-freeze is a huge problem.

>In the beginning, close doors to many rooms in your house. Keep kitty restricted to a small area until you can trust her more.

>Don’t let cats near screen doors or window screens. Chances are high they will attempt (and usually are successful) climbing up the screen – ruining the screen in the process. Plus, their little nails get caught up in the holes of the screens.

>Be cautious letting clothes sit around, especially jackets with dangling zippers and ties.

Congrats on cat-proofing your home! You’re making life safer for your kitty and reducing the chances of destructive behavior – saving your house and your sanity!


A cat cage is incredibly handy, friends. Great to put in a new cat’s “safe room”. Tip: Drape a sheet over the cage and she can jump inside, feeling as if she’s safe and hiding. Also, wonderful if people visit and you don’t want Kitty running loose and you don’t trust her enough inside your bedroom with a closed door!

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