Stop Excessive Meowing

How To Train Your Cat to Stop Excessive Meowing

cat meowing

The very first thing to check is that your cat doesn’t have a health issue. Look at her, inspect her body for problems the best that you can. If the meowing is noticeably more than what is normal for her, or you feel the cat could be in pain, obviously she needs to see a veterinarian. Don’t hesitate getting her to the vet, as cats tend to be very good at covering up pain. So if she’s to the point of “showing” her discomfort from some health issue, then it’s a serious situation.

Your cat could be meowing excessively for territorial reasons. Did you just move? Get a new pet? Move furniture around in the house? Does the neighbor have an animal that enters the yard and your cat sees it? Has your work schedule changed? 

Has your cat gotten YOU trained that all she has to do is meow like crazy and you give her whatever she wants?! Whether that is attention, food, treats, etc. She learns quickly that demanding your attention only takes a meow and soon it can become an annoying habit she’s developed. If she’s bored or feeling lonely, she could start the obnoxious meowing, too. 

Give your cat play sessions daily. She wants to play with you, too, not just to play with her toys all by herself. She needs to burn off energy. 

Pay attention to kitty and give her lots of attention BUT if she starts the crazy meowing, stop – ignore her. Don’t give in. Every time you give in and respond to her demanding meows, she wins. You’re teaching her to meow more! Another disciplinary action is to clap your hands or shake a can of pennies at her to startle her into getting the idea she needs to hush. When she becomes quiet, and you play with her and give her attention, she’ll associate silence with being rewarded. 

Some meowing is normal and to be expected, of course, and many owners enjoy “talking” with their cats.