The Reaper’s Cat

by Gina Marie Long


I figured since there IS an actual CAT as one of the main characters in my latest book, I’d let my visitors here at Cats The Boss be aware of it. In fact, she is a stray, black cat named Gwennan… who has a supernatural “oddity”. The other main characters are a 20 year old girl named Baylor and a Grim Reaper. Yes… It’s a paranormal thriller! I even make sure to tactfully include some helpful cat care tips in the story.

Brief Synopsis

Life meets death… literally. As in, Baylor meets the Grim Reaper, and his supernatural cat, during a horrific accident. Her life hinges on their help fighting a psycho killer seeking revenge… Baylor is his target. The more time The Reaper spends with Baylor, the more his own fate entangles with her future. As the clock ticks and lives unravel, his cat reveals a heartbreaking secret. Do you believe in miracles? They do. But sacrifices must be fulfilled in order to win the battle against evil and to stay with the one you love… And to survive.


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