Time to Rub the Kitty – Cats The Boss Officially “Open”!

Welcome! We are officially LIVE and broadcasting to the world! After two months of massive research on the most common cat concerns, structuring and creating a website, scouring the net for the best and coolest products, adding in a dash of entertainment to keep things lively, Jessie Cat and I (Gina) present to you: Cats The Boss!

If you are only reading this blog posting and haven’t visited the site yet, here’s the Home Page summary (& then high tail it over to the site):

“Do you have a new cat or kitten? Need answers about cats? We “Keep It Short and Simple” (K.I.S.S.) and “littered” with feline fun (comments by Jessie Cat). We get to the point fast. Find help on getting a new cat, basic cat care, correcting bad cat behavior, cat breeds, stray cats, funny pictures and more. Hang out at the Cat Forum. Resources added weekly.”

And my last blog entry covers some important points. If you have the time, check it out, too. Since that last posting, I’ve added more of Jessie Cat’s photos to her Photo Album.

The entire site is decked out with helpful suggestions and links to our favorite products, posted in the appropriate/related locations and with ease of reading, for your convenience. BTW, we LOVE those cat condos and towers!! Heck, I want to crawl around in them!!

In the creation of this site, I wished to include exactly what I personally wanted to know about cats when I decided to adopt Jessie…the things I actually researched (trilling, kneading, determining if male or female, etc.) and items I bought (books, toys, food, scratchers, etc.).

Also, I believe I may have saved Jessie’s life…or at least given her a safer, healthier, happier and very much loved life compared to her attempting to live as a stray all by herself, especially since I believe she was dumped and not used to living outside. She has definitely enriched my life and given me loads of laughs!

So, this website is dedicated to Jessie. She inspired it and I truly hope something good comes out of it. Enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback, leave comments, and alert me if a link is not working correctly. I am now required to report to duty… Jessie is expecting me to flop on the couch so she can collapse on top of me and sleep (some more). After all – Cats The Boss around this house!