The fur has been flying lately at our New Cat Site!

The fur has been flying lately! What do you think of the site so far? We keep adding things daily and have been working out the kinks as they come up. We even CRASHED the site for about 24 hours a week ago! Can you imagine the panic when nothing popped up when typing in! We couldn’t even get into the nuts and bolts of the site to peek and see exactly what happened. Although we had an idea…a wacky (AKA BAD) update to the Photo Album plug-in was the culprit! With hearts racing, we called customer support and while rattling 5000 words a minute (that would be Gina – Jessie paced the floor and pawed nervously at Gina’s leg) explained to the dude what our problem was. He, of course (thankfully and magically), fixed the malfunction in 5 minutes. Life continued.

Now, everyone get your butts over to the Cat Forum and start babbling about stuff, upload your cutesy cat photos or post ads (free or for sale) for cats. The Forum is brandy-spanking new and needs CONTENT.

We’re also tapping our fingers and paws awaiting responses from cool companies to do business with and to recommend and pass on the deals to you wonderful readers. We’ve spent DAYS (DAYS we tell you!!) researching the best companies, most interesting items, helpful/useful products and places that have affiliate programs. We are associated with Only Natural Pet Store that offers Spirit Essences — that’s the holistic remedies used by Jackson Galaxy (Cat Daddy) — which I am so psyched about! LOVE that TV show and have learned so much from him! Plus everything they offer is natural goodness!

Within the next day, we will post some cat books that come highly recommended and should help you with your kitty…

And when we discover important and helpful businesses that you/your cat could benefit from (their services or products), we will post their info and link on the appropriate page (contrary to popular belief about information and niche sites such as this is, we do NOT make money from everything we recommend at this site.)

We’ll be posting an article/page about cat shedding soon and what to do about all that HAIR! (Gina says: Sometimes I think Jessie could BE her own fur factory! Jessie says: Hey now! ALL cats shed…at least I’m a shorthair.)

In case you haven’t noticed while browsing this site, whenever Jessie specifically has something to shout out, her “Jessie saysTEXT COLOR IS BROWN (more or less her fur color). “Gina saysTEXT COLOR IS PURPLE (favorite color). Aren’t we artful? (Gina says: Is that a word? Jessie says: Who cares?! Use it!)

OK, enough for now all you Cat Lovers (and Curiousity Seekers–we love you too!). Bookmark this site or page or post and be sure to SHARE it with everyone you know! And there’s a new “Add This” link on the opposite side of this page to have fun with.

THANKS!! Jessie and Gina