Can My Cat Eat Dog Food?

Can My Cat Eat Dog Food? elycefeliz / Foter Your cat will not be directly harmed by eating some dog food. So, can she eat dog food? Well, yeah...BUT... Should she eat dog food? NO!! Many cats will obviously walk up to the dog's bowl and start chowing down. After all, the dog food looks and … Continue reading Can My Cat Eat Dog Food?

Cat Dental Care-Clean Those Fangs

New PAGE created at Cats The Boss - Dental Care for Cat Including How-to Brush Teeth  Follow the link to read on the site OR...I have included it below for you: Dental Care for Cat Including How-To Brush Teeth John Morton / Foter Sniff. Sniff...does your cat's breath stink? If it smells like something crawled in her mouth … Continue reading Cat Dental Care-Clean Those Fangs