Cutting Cat’s Claws-New Page Added

UPDATE! New Page added at Cats The Boss!

Trimming Cat Claws – Helpful advice on getting kitty’s toenails manicured (or is it pedicured?)! Tips, tools, timing, photos. Check it out!

Jessie Cat says: “I have my nails done once a month. Thankfully it only takes a few minutes…no pain and afterwards I get a total body rub-down. Ahhh…”

Gina says: “The first few months were not fun. I attempted cutting her nails as she lounged on the bed. She kept pulling her paw away and moved around and generally I had no hold on her, no control over her feet. I remember spending 45 minutes trying to get her nails cut! Ugh! After struggling those early months, I decided to try something different and cradle her in my left arm, all four legs sticking (more or less) straight out from her body. I cautiously but quickly snip all her nails, making sure she’s secure in my arms. It’s not very comfortable for me, but she’s not fighting me, so we get the job done!”

Read the whole page: Trimming Cat Claws