Do you have a new cat and need help? Learn about basic cat care, correcting bad behavior, why do cats…?,  stray cats, shelters, and simply loving your cat! 


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About Cats: Why do cats knead? Difference between male and female cats? What is trilling?


New Cat: Cat-Proofing Your Home for Safety and Preventing Utter Destruction


Cat Care: Spaying and Neutering Tips


Cat Paw Print


Your Host is Jessie Cat  (“The Boss”), with Human Assistant, Gina.

Jessie Cat-on back Gina


Jessie Cat says: Hi! I’m a girl tortoiseshell cat. I was a stray and kept hanging around Mom/Gina’s house (hey – she fed me!). She tried finding me a home but nobody wanted me (homeless cats are a serious issue). She fell in love with me and adopted me. I’m so thankful and enjoying a spoiled lifestyle! But my human never had a cat before, only dogs.  So I think she stressed not knowing what to do with a new cat. She surfed the web, read books and talked to people about cats, gaining tons of expert knowledge. Between the two of us, we want to help YOU with your kitty and common questions that pop up, hoping to ease your stress level.

Gina says: Hi there! As you can see by the size of the photos, Jessie Cat is obviously the Boss. I’m the writer, as it’s a wee bit rough for Jessie to type with her paws. I’m also an author (YA, Paranormal Thrillers – see Author Gina Marie Long) and a web copywriter (my niche is the pet industry – huh…who would’ve guessed? see Gina Marie Long Marketing). Creating this site for Jessie was interesting, fun and right up my alley. I love pets and treat them like family. Enjoy!