Do you have a new cat and need help? Learn about basic cat care, correcting bad behavior, why do cats…?,  stray cats, shelters, and simply loving your cat! 


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About Cats: Why do cats knead? Difference between male and female cats? What is trilling?


New Cat: Cat-Proofing Your Home for Safety and Preventing Utter Destruction


Cat Care: Spaying and Neutering Tips


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Your Host is Jessie Cat  (“The Boss”), with Human Assistant, Gina.

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Jessie Cat says: Hi! I’m a girl tortoiseshell cat. I was a stray and kept hanging around Mom/Gina’s house (hey – she fed me!). She tried finding me a home but nobody wanted me (homeless cats are a serious issue). She fell in love with me and adopted me. I’m so thankful and enjoying a spoiled lifestyle! But my human never had a cat before, only dogs.  So I think she stressed not knowing what to do with a new cat. She surfed the web, read books and talked to people about cats, gaining tons of expert knowledge. Between the two of us, we want to help YOU with your kitty and common questions that pop up, hoping to ease your stress level.

Gina says: Hi there! As you can see by the size of the photos, Jessie Cat is obviously the Boss. I’m the writer, as it’s a wee bit rough for Jessie to type with her paws. I’m also an author (YA, Paranormal Thrillers – see Author Gina Marie Long) and a web copywriter (my niche is the pet industry – huh…who would’ve guessed? see Writer Gina Marie Long). Creating this site for Jessie was interesting, fun and right up my alley. I love pets and treat them like family. Enjoy!



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  1. I have inherited a 3/4 yr old cat Charlie who was abandoned over a year ago. We love him, I adore him! Something is really wrong with his ears! We cannot afford a vet at this time so I’ve been doing all my research off the Internet ! Well I don’t believe I did a good job because I ve read I’m not suppose to have used q tips on his
    Ears , but I did and I think maybe I’ve destroyed his eardrums or worse maybe his ears are so badly infected I’ve completely ruined his entire ears and all the important sensitive parts too? Did I mention I thought he had ear mites a did a few home ear cleaning with mite meds then lots of black yummy and I used more different ear mite stuff but I used a q tip a few days ago and his little ear is limp and his head is tilted and he hates me! He won’t come nears me, can you blame him?! I proubly hit his drum or worse! Honestly I do not have an extra 5 bucks for a vet ( so humiliating ) but I don’t know what I’m going to do! I know he’s in pain and its killing me! Thanks so much and I’m sorry it’s so long!
    Kind regards

    • Rose, first I want to let you know I removed your email address and Ph # from your post here because you could get unwanted spam by way of email or calls! And it sounds like you’ve already done all your research w/the ear problems…you seem aware that there IS a problem, that mites are likely present, that q-tips can be dangerous inside a cat’s ears (now if they would definitely NOT move a muscle then it would be great to use them, but they can jerk & then the q-tip can hurt them), etc. If I were you, I’d call a vet and EXPLAIN your lack of money & I bet you that the vet would still help you if they know your cat is suffering & having problems. Many times you can set up a payment plan. Or volunteer to help out at their business to “pay back” any help they give your cat. Just an idea! But knowing your cat is having issues, I wouldn’t think twice about calling the vet and asking for help. Or the vet may even suggest an organization that can help you with funds to take care of your cat!!

  2. JVincent Queroyla

    You have a great blog!!!

  3. Linz Brooks

    Ohhh love this site Gina, thx for directing me here – hugs and smiles