More Photos-DaBird and Tower

Jessie Cat here. My human, Gina, just posted six more awesome photos of yours truly!!! ME!


Remember if you want to locate those photos immediately, scroll to the last six…

There are 3 of me sitting on my new tower way up high…I have to admit, I was plopped up there. I’m still getting used to this tower thingy. Sometimes I’ll hop up and sit on the middle platform but I like to be close to Mommy – er, I mean – my human! And, well, she doesn’t exactly sit on that tower so I go pick a chair by her or lie on the couch and snuggle up to her.

And three other photos are of me playing with DaBird – which I truly LOVE!! Every night we play after supper dishes are done. I hear the water shut off and I know that’s my signal to meow LOUDLY many times in a row, being sure to  draw out the MMMMEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW so there’s no way she’ll miss hearing it. That’s important. Since I’m the Boss, my order to play with me and DaBird is quickly taken care of.

Gina says: Yes, the entire neighborhood likely hears you Jessie…We hope the visitors enjoy the photos. And it is fun zipping DaBird around and watching Jessie chase it. Great exercise for her! As far as the tower goes, she uses the scratching posts and we just keep introducing her to the levels/platforms – getting her comfortable with the whole structure (which is so cool!), letting her understand it’s okay to jump up on it.