Added New Jessie Cat Photos

Update! Jessie Cat here. My human just uploaded and added to MY PHOTO ALBUM several new pictures of (who else?!) ME — Jessie Cat! You should be able to scroll/move to the very bottom and see the four newest photos that were just added!

Jessie says: For some reason, Gina keeps catching me sleeping in most of my photos. I don’t understand. There are 24 hours in a day and I’m sure I am quite alert during at least 7 of those 24 hours! What’s the problem? If she had that camera hanging around her neck at all times, and that especially includes at 4:00 in the morning, you could see all kinds of live action shots of ME!

Gina says: Sure, I’ll get right on that. Don’t forget that it’s a tad difficult to take your photo when I’m trying to sleep. Readers: I do really need to get some pictures of Jessie flying around chasing Da Bird toy, though! She’s a superb athlete! Again, little tough to take a picture while I’m waving Da Bird through the air at her! I’ll try…

The new photos consist of:

>Jessie on her brand new tower/condo

>Jessie praying

>Jessie snoozing with teeth showing & tongue hanging out

>Jessie hanging out on her window perch – half asleep – of course!

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