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What do Pet Parents Spend Money on?

What do Pet Bloggers Spend Their Money and Time On?

Pet Bloggers are Pet Parents. If they’re not, that’s a bit strange. That is, unless some recent tragedy happened to their fur baby and they are petless for the time being. And so, pet blogger members of Blogpaws.com (we are members) took a survey. The following is an infographic with the results. 

What do pet parents spend money on?



What do you spend the most money on for your cat?

Do you buy cat products online?

What is your favorite store – online and offline?

Do you regularly visit pet care sites?


All About Spaying and Neutering – New Page


New Page added to Cats The Boss :

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat – What, Why, When, Where?

This covers:

What is spaying and neutering? What Are the Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering? What Are Some Behavior Problems with Cats Who Aren’t Spayed or Neutered? Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Cat? When Is the Best Time To Spay or Neuter? Will My Cat Act Differently After Being Spayed or Neutered? How Do I Prepare My Cat For Surgery? What Happens After Surgery?

And at the bottom of that page, Jessie Cat tells you what happened to her after her surgery…

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat


Living In a Single Cat Household – New Page


New Page added to Cats The Boss:

What It’s Like Living In A Single Cat Household

Also – brand new header for website – funky and fun and featuring Jessie Cat!

Jessie Cat says: And I am the one being interviewed. Oh yeah! ME!! 20 Questions with MY 20 awesome answers! Full of helpful tips and ideas plus entertaining with my quirky, funny responses. GREAT for NEW cat owners, too! Now go click on that link and enjoy!

Worms In Cats – New Page Added

Just an update to alert you a new page has been added to Cats The Boss. It’s titled “Worms In Cats – Internal Parasites“.  Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?! 

Be sure to check it out – you might learn something if you’re a little rusty on internal parasites. We cover: what kind of worms cats can get, how they get worms, normal symptoms of a cat with worms, how to get rid of worms, if humans can get worms from their cat, and how to keep a cat from getting worms.

Such fun!

Here’s the link again: Worms In Cats – Internal Parasites

Living With Multiple Cats-Interview

Update!! We have a new page at Cats The Boss:



Deborah Barnes

Human Parent to Seven Cats, Author of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary, Cat Blogger at ZeeZoey.com/Blog

I drilled Deb with 20 Questions about living with her 7 cats – what life with them is like and how she cares for them. Her answers are interesting, insightful and drizzled with lots of humor!

Be sure to hop over to the page to read the interview: Living With Multiple Cats

Jessie Cat says: SEVEN CATS! Boy oh boy – Cats totally RULE in that house, I bet! Must be tricky though since cats are the boss (of course everyone already KNOWS that!) to decide WHO will be Boss for the day! Hey – there are 7 days in a week so maybe each cat has their own day to be the boss since there are 7 cats! Not sure if I could share my mousie or Da Bird…that would be fun to experiment with…what do ya think, Mom?

Gina says: Oh, now I’m “Mom” and not your human assistant, huh?! I think one cat in this smaller house works out just fine, Jessie. You are well-loved sitting up on your pedestal!