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Introducing New Cat to Present Cat-New Page

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Introducing a New Cat to your Existing Cat

The best way to create harmony between your new cat and your existing cat is to choose a new cat that best suits your lifestyle, household and the personality of the current cat. If possible…

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Living With Multiple Cats-Interview

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Deborah Barnes

Human Parent to Seven Cats, Author of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary, Cat Blogger at ZeeZoey.com/Blog

I drilled Deb with 20 Questions about living with her 7 cats – what life with them is like and how she cares for them. Her answers are interesting, insightful and drizzled with lots of humor!

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Jessie Cat says: SEVEN CATS! Boy oh boy – Cats totally RULE in that house, I bet! Must be tricky though since cats are the boss (of course everyone already KNOWS that!) to decide WHO will be Boss for the day! Hey – there are 7 days in a week so maybe each cat has their own day to be the boss since there are 7 cats! Not sure if I could share my mousie or Da Bird…that would be fun to experiment with…what do ya think, Mom?

Gina says: Oh, now I’m “Mom” and not your human assistant, huh?! I think one cat in this smaller house works out just fine, Jessie. You are well-loved sitting up on your pedestal!