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Sponsor a Cat

Are you wondering how you can help make a difference in the lives of cats needing forever homes? Perhaps you’ve already maxed out the number of pets for your household, but still want to do something to help?

Sponsor a cat. Or sometimes this is called virtually adopting a cat.

Contact your local pet shelter or humane society and ask if there is one cat you could “virtually adopt” or sponsor. Tell them you would send either cash donations and/or donate items the cat can use. If they agree, dash over to the shelter/humane society and choose a cat. Have them tag the cage with information that you are a sponsor for that cat so the workers there are aware of the setup.

Take photos of the cat and spread the news that the cat is needing a home.

Ask for updates from the shelter if you are unable to stop by frequently. Be sure to honor your pledge to donate cash and/or items for this particular cat. Hoping this baby gets adopted in a timely manner, then choose another cat to sponsor!

Many cat lovers want to help and make a difference but don’t know what to do and feel helpless. Either they have no more room in their home for additional pets or they don’t have time to volunteer or don’t have enough money to completely care for another pet of their own. Becoming a sponsor for a cat benefits everyone involved. What you’re donating for that cat is just that much LESS money the shelter has to put towards that cat’s care. AND if you help to actively promote the cat’s adoption needs and someone chooses to adopt this cat, YIPPEE! That is the perfect ending!

The joy you’ll experience being a part of this process is priceless. Now go call your local shelter or humane society and ask if they allow people to sponsor a cat… and if they haven’t done such a thing, please encourage them to do so, as they will benefit from your help. 




Planning for Disasters with Your Cat – New Page Added

UPDATE!! Cats the Boss has added a New Page:

Planning for Disasters to Protect Your Cat

Whether natural, man-made or accidental…disasters and emergencies DO happen. Be prepared with an action plan to protect your cat or to have someone take over the care of your cat if you cannot.

What do you do with Kitty when you take a trip?

I’d like to hear feedback on what YOU do with your cat when you travel or take a trip. I’ll write an article for this site with those comments and suggestions from readers and helpful tips from authorities on this subject…fairly soon.

Currently I’m (Gina that is, not Jessie Cat 🙂 lol) in a writing challenge for the month of August. I’m a paranormal thriller, urban fantasy, young adult author. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?! Super-duper busy typing my fingers off and trying to keep my brain from exploding! Feel free to check out my author site: http://www.ginamarielong.com

Jessie says: Rub the kitty! (you know that is her special saying, her catch-phrase!!)

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Introducing New Cat to Present Cat-New Page

UPDATE! New page added to Cats The Boss:

Introducing a New Cat to your Existing Cat

The best way to create harmony between your new cat and your existing cat is to choose a new cat that best suits your lifestyle, household and the personality of the current cat. If possible…

Be sure to follow the link to read the entire article!

Living In a Single Cat Household – New Page


New Page added to Cats The Boss:

What It’s Like Living In A Single Cat Household

Also – brand new header for website – funky and fun and featuring Jessie Cat!

Jessie Cat says: And I am the one being interviewed. Oh yeah! ME!! 20 Questions with MY 20 awesome answers! Full of helpful tips and ideas plus entertaining with my quirky, funny responses. GREAT for NEW cat owners, too! Now go click on that link and enjoy!