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Updates: Cat Trilling, Kitty Holster Pages; Reminder-Shelter Cats

UPDATES on Cats The Boss :

>> Cat Trilling Page is revised with a few additional comments and added information. This is one HOT PAGE according to my site stats! Amazing! People love to learn about trilling! Also at the bottom of the page is an audio file of Jessie Cat “talking” to me with a combination of meowing, trilling and almost human-like sounds! The audio file may need to load first on slower internet connections in order to play…and you never know if your browser might have problems playing it anyway. I tried both wav and mp3 file conversions and uploads and still not sure which is better to use. Feel free to inform me of problems! Or suggestions!

>>We had our first international purchase of the Kitty Holster Cat Harness! From New Zealand! Can you say, “how cool” ?!?! We’ve also revised the Kitty Holster Page with more detailed information. Plus we updated the Buy Now Paypal Button to make it easier to use and understand. This came into play with the recent international purchase which made us re-think how to display the buying options. International shipping costs more than U.S. domestic shipping, obviously, and the shipping costs are now plainly spelled out. If you’d like to take your cat outside while you lounge in the sun and not have her run off, please do check out the Kitty Holsters! Jessie Cat and I JUST came inside after sitting for 20 minutes enjoying the sun and breeze (before it got too hot!). Love using that harness!

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Jessie Cat takes a walk outside in harness.


>>June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month…only a few days left to the celebrated month but ANY month or day is perfect to adopt a cat!!!! Please consider checking out shelters if you are in the mood to add to your family with a fabulous feline furbaby! Most times, shelter and humane society animals that are looking for new homes have had their shots and are spayed or neutered and have been thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian. Going through a shelter and paying their fee normally ends up to be cheaper than if you went out on your own and acquired a cat then set up the vet appointment (s) for the exam, shots, and spaying/neutering.  BUT…if you know someone who is trying to get rid of cats and/or kittens, and you are interested, by all means – help that person out! Even cats that are free are usually hard to find homes for…and if that person who has unwanted cats/kittens can’t find anyone to take those cats, who knows what that person may decide to do to reduce their cat population (dumping, death, or dropping them off at shelters/humane societies).

Reminder – Fun Stuff:

Just a little reminder that Jessie Cat has her own icanhascheezburger Page with our favorite cat photos and captions!

Just love this one so much: 

That is all friends!

~~Jessie Cat and Gina~~

Living In a Single Cat Household – New Page


New Page added to Cats The Boss:

What It’s Like Living In A Single Cat Household

Also – brand new header for website – funky and fun and featuring Jessie Cat!

Jessie Cat says: And I am the one being interviewed. Oh yeah! ME!! 20 Questions with MY 20 awesome answers! Full of helpful tips and ideas plus entertaining with my quirky, funny responses. GREAT for NEW cat owners, too! Now go click on that link and enjoy!

Worth More Than $3??

Jessie with $3 Price Tag

Gina says: I did not place the tag on her head. “Daddy” stuck it there & took pictures. He’s so mean & silly! And she’s worth more than $3.00!!! Right?? (After 10 minutes of her not realizing it was there, and looking so hilarious, Daddy removed it.)

And the photo has been placed in Jessie’s Photo Album. But since this was a single photo, we thought it would be nice to include in a blog posting.