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Jessie’s Favorite Cat Comic Strips (Links Below – We’d love to post the comics here, but syndication and copyright stuff apply…):

Get Fuzzy


Mother Goose and Grimm



Free Cat E-cards to send to family and friends for all occasions!

Free E-Cards






Cat games – play free online games.Play Dr Daisy Pet Vet online

Here is a list of online cat games you can play for free and whenever you want. The image shown is the game “Dr. Daisy Pet Vet”…


More online games: “Feed the Cat”  Have you ever shot with the help of a catapult? Just feed some cats using it. Enjoy thrilling emotions of a yard tomboy!

And another: “Granny in Paradise”  Super Granny is back and ready to rumble. While on a tropical vacation, Super Granny’s kitties are abducted. Help Granny in Paradise run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble to rescue her cats! This dangerous but so fascinating adventure is waiting for you.

Adopt your own Virtual Pet – it’s free! Play, feed, walk your pet. Share your Pet on social networks like Facebook. Send a pet to your friends! Downloadable toolbar. Have fun with this at!

Another site to adopt free virtual pets is at Chicken Smoothie! Sign up for a free account or adopt pets without an account. You don’t need to click on them to make them grow…connect with other “pet owners”.


Jessie says:Oh! Oh! Oh! This page is so fun! Makes me want to play…where’s my mousie?

Gina says: Stuck under the dishwasher again…where you bipped it! I’ll fetch it, Boss. *grumbling as I crawl on my knees with a coat hanger to reach her mousie and pull it out*